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Everything in our shop has been ethically sourced to be as eco-friendly as possible and  with sustainability in mind. Every product has been carefully considered by us before it reaches the shop floor, whether that means low food miles, plastic free goods, or choosing close loop suppliers, we build integrity into everything we sell.

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Freshly made
peanut butter

Most peanut butter in the shops is not pure. Manufacturers often add unhealthy oils, salt, sugar, flavourings, artificial sweeteners and even trans fats. Un-pure peanut butter reduces the cost to the manufacturer, yields higher profits, gives a longer shelf life and enhances the flavour for some peoples tastebuds. Sugar, sweeteners and trans fats are all detrimental to our health. At We’REco we buy high oleic peanuts to make our deliciously smooth peanut butter.

Hi-oleic peanuts are a special variety of peanuts that are only grown in a few places around the world; We use these peanuts not only because they are naturally sweeter and more delicious than standard peanuts, but they actually also contain higher levels of mono-unsaturated fats (the ‘good’ kind of fat, which helps support normal cholesterol levels). In fact, hi-oleic peanuts contain around 30% more monounsaturated fats than regular peanuts, which puts them up there with other heart-healthy foods like avocados and olive oil.

Real peanut butter should contain only peanuts with no added oil or sugar. Pure peanut butter can be a little bit more expensive, but like so many things in life you get what you pay for and if you’re concerned with health it’s worthwhile avoiding the junk peanut butter and only buying pure 100%. The healthiest peanut butter is one that’s 100% peanuts with nothing else.just like ours 🙂

Our peanut butter is a plastic free, it comes to you in an unlabelled recyclable glass jar with an aluminium lid.

Allergens Notice

The ethos of our store is to sell package free goods. Although we do everything we can to avoid cross contamination, we cannot guarantee products will be completely nut or gluten free. To be safe, if you have any type of food allergy, please refrain from eating our products.