Kelvedon, Feering, Messing shop drop!

Do you live in Kelvedon or Feering?

We are now offering a home collection and drop-off service every Tuesday to all Kelvedon and Feering residents. Here’s how it works.
  • Take a look at our ‘Store’ page to see what dried products and goods you might like to purchase and check out our liquid range below.
  • Give us a call to book in your collection. 
  • Leave a bag with your empty bottles and containers on your doorstep or safe place along with labels / shopping list / instructions.  
  • We will collect between 8am and 9am, refill them and drop off between 5pm and 6pm. 
  • Payment will be taken over the phone during the day.

Our Liquids

Washing up liquid, spiced ginger                                25p / 100ml
Non bio liquid unscented                                              37p / 100ml
Bio liquid scented                                                           40p / 100ml
Fabric conditioner, cologne.                                         28p / 100ml
Toilet cleaner lotus and sea-salt                                    35p / 100ml
All purpose cleaner, lavender and rosemary             35p / 100ml
Hard water rinse aid                                                       40p / 100ml
White cleaning vinegar                                                   29p / 100ml
Cream cleaner with fragrance                                       36p / 100ml
Hand and delicate laundry liquid                                 84p / 100ml
Organic Castille soap                                                       62p / 100ml
Personal Care
SESI hand soaps
Hand soap fig                                                                 65p / 100ml
Hand soap rose                                                              65p / 100ml
Miniml hand soap
Hand soap anti-bac clememtine                                 75p / 100ml
Faith in Nature shampoos
Aloe / lavender and geranium / tea tree                    £1.35 / 100ml
Faith in Nature conditioners
Aloe / lavender and geranium / tea tree                     £1.35 / 100ml
Miniml shampoos
Pink grapefruit and aloe / nourishing coconut          80p / 100ml
Miniml conditioners                                                        80p / 100ml
Pink grapefruit and aloe / nourishing coconut          80p / 100ml
Faith in Nature body wash
Orange and grapefruit / lavender and geranium /    £1.35 / 100ml
dragon fruit
Miniml body wash
Pink grapefruit and aloe / nourishing coconut /         80p / 100ml
tea tree and mint
SESI body wash
Bath Shower Hands unscented for sensitive skin         80p / 100ml
Ylang ylang body lotion                                                      £3 / 100ml
Miniml french vanilla and shea butter                            £1.90 / 100ml
 hand and  body lotion

To book your doorstep pick up call 07508505270

Got any questions? Drop us an email.