We work with some great suppliers who have the same enviromental ethos as us.

Emily White Teas

From my home in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, I enjoy creating unique mixes of herbal teas using the finest herbs, spices and flowers. Blends that not only taste amazing, but are also great for mind and body. The powerful healing properties of plants are incredible, especially their ability to assist with our bodies’ natural defence systems, digestion and mental alertness.

Driven by the growing popularity of loose leaf teas, and increasing demand to eliminate plastic and reduce packaging. All my ingredients are sourced responsibly and will come to you in fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Mac and Me Roasting

Whether you are working with us, for us, or even competing against us, we hope that we are all fulfilled.
We are relaxed but we achieve.
We love to share our inspirations.
Our agents work directly with farmers to guarantee ever increasing quality and fair pricing.
Knowing our customers well is important to us.

Maldon Soap

My cold process soaps are wrapped in Himalayan lokta paper which is a sustainable, tree free paper which supports a paper making tradition going back generations.  Its gorgeous paper, fully compostable and gives my soap a unique and very sophisticated look.  I know it’s what’s inside that counts but people also buy with their eyes and, thanks to this gorgeous paper, my soaps now look very eye catching and truly reflect the quality organic ingredients they contain.  Pure luxury!

My other soaps, solid products and bath bombs are wrapped in natural compostable cellophane.  This cellophane is made in the UK from wood pulp which is a by product of the UK furniture industry. It protects the products from damage and ensures that it reaches you in the same condition that it left the studio.


We believe it is part of our role in society to build a business that will be a positive contributor to the world, in a world where single-use plastic is commonplace and disregarded we are taking the steps we see as necessary to helping the world reduce waste and limit energy consumption.

At Rollagranola, we are committed to making a difference and bringing positivity to everything we do – whether that’s making extraordinary granola with ingredients of the highest order, or using fully compostable bags to stock our granola.
It’s almost impossible these days to shield your eyes from the glaring danger that plastic has on our world. Whether it’s daily news headlines, fantastic documentaries on TV or you may well have seen with your own eyes the devastation that non-recyclable material has on our planet.


Over the years we became dissatisfied with unaffordable brands which made it difficult for most people to refill their plastic bottles. Our formulas of sustainable detergents are low impact to Earth and don’t cost people’s pockets. We work to keep up with important issues such as farming, human rights, animal rights, food justice, forestry protection, personal health and our way of life on the environment.  We don’t claim to be perfect, but based on the information we gather, we do our best to make carefully balanced and holistic choices on our ingredients.

Planet Wrap It

PlanetWrapIt is a family-run business inspired by the need to protect our planet, plant new trees and provide affordable and sustainable solutions to gift wrapping. We print, pack and design all of our gift wrap in our hometown of Retford, Nottinghamshire. As parents ourselves, we feel a huge responsibility to the next generation to do what we can to support and nurture our natural world. We want a safe and sustainable planet to be available in the future and so we decided to play our part in creating that. Woodlands and forests are home to 80% of the worlds terrestrial biodiversity and they make a huge impact on reducing climate change, giving us oxygen and preventing soil erosion and flooding. All the while they are being destroyed at an astonishing rate! We were shocked and saddened to learn that most wrapping paper cannot be recycled and considering that at least 50,000 trees are chopped down each year to produce it, it is nothing less than terrible for our planet and our future.