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As you might already know, plastic cotton buds are among the list of products being banned in the UK in 2020, so this means there’s bound to be a heightened demand for eco friendly cotton buds. Our bamboo cotton buds consist of a bamboo stick with a cotton head at either end. It is very similar to your normal cotton buds but without the plastic.

The cotton bud sticks are about 7.6cm in length and the diameter of the head of the cotton bud is about 0.5cm.

There are 100 cotton bud sticks in each pack.

How to dispose of bamboo cotton buds?

The cotton buds can go in your home compost (though we don’t have certification to prove that). Bamboo and cotton break down easily. Please don’t flush these down the toilet. They can go through the sewage system without being filtered out therefore they end up in our oceans and rivers.

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