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Decaf Coffee Beans Loose

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Clover Product ID: R2HN5A69NE2WY
Grams per unit: 100g

Always chemical free decaffeination and single origin. Currently Viota Palmares, Cundinamarca – Colombia

This coffee is grown on various farms around the town of Viota, 80 kilometres west of Bogota – it was one of the first coffee growing regions in Colombia. The coffee grows on farms ranging from 1,400 to 1,600 meters above sea level and once picked, washed, sorted and processed it is taken to the decaffeination plant. The CO2 decaffeination method used for this coffee is unlike other processes. It uses no chemicals and is gentle on the beans, creating a healthier end result with no nasty by-products. A great cup of decaf with notes of cocoa powder, toffee and Brazil nuts.

Brew Method: this coffee can be enjoyed with or without milk and is suitable for any method of brewing.

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