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Dog Wrapping Paper From Planetwrapit

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By Planetwrapit


  • All of our paper is printed by us in Retford, Nottinghamshire and we proudly choose UK based suppliers for our recycled paper and ink.
  • Free from solvent based inks, glitter, foil and other non-recyclable contaminants.
  • Free from plastic packaging.
  • Fully recyclable with household paper waste.
  • The ink cartridges we use are made with recycled ocean plastic and are further recyclable.
  • Supports UK based small businesses.

If paper tape is used with planetwrapit paper, all of the gift wrap and tape can be recycled with normal household waste. Paper which is soiled with food or grease should not be recycled.

For every wholesale order placed we plant two trees #planet50k.

Paper and Ink Specifications

Slightly textured recycled kraft paper (50gsm) made from recycled materials (80% recycled materials, 20% kraft paper to add wet strength).

We use water based inks as they are much kinder to our health and the planet.

DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) estimates that at least 50,000 trees are cut down each year in the UK to produce wrapping paper and gift bags!

It is estimated that 40 Million Rolls of sticky tape are used. Most of this will go straight to landfill.

Shocking right?! We'd like to change those facts.

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