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Eden Menstrual Cup Large

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Comfort: The flexible, silicone adapts to your body making it comfortable and easy to wear

Convenience: You can wear your Eden Cup for up to 10 hours without worry

Hygenic: The Eden Cup is made from medical grade silicone, and is FDA approved. It contains no chemicals often found in tampons and pads.

Zero Waste Product: Eden Cups last a lifetime, the equivalent of over 10,000 tampons.

  • Product description

    The EDEN CUP is a 100% silicon menstrual cup designed and ready for whatever your period throws at you. Eden Cup was created by our founder Georgina to be flexible and adapt to your body's natural shape to form a secure and leak-free seal. Combined with our no waste ethos and our 100% recyclable packaging, you have no reason to ever use tampons or pads again! Love your Body and the Planet!

    Legal Disclaimer

    Safety Information: A menstrual cups is not a contraceptive device and will not stop impregnation or protect an individual from catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It is recommended that the cup is removed before intercourse. An individual should not use an Eden Cup for more than 10 hours with removing the cup and cleaning it thoroughly. An individual should ensure that the cup is boiled and cleaned before insertion. Legal Disclaimer If an individual feels symptoms of general pain, inflammation or feels any discomfort in the genital area, remove the menstrual cup and contact a doctor or medical practitioner.
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