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Epsom Salts

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Clover Product ID: YBKTE045VQ16E
Grams per unit: 100
Price per 100 grams: 0.35

This product is sold loose in a paper bag, To add to shopping basket, 100 g = 1 quantity, 200g =2 quantity etc.


  • Helps Relax Muscles
  • Excellent after sports and exercise
  • Pure Salts - Nothing Added

Soothe & relax tired, muscles. Excellent after sports and exercise. Safe for athletes of a competitive standard.

Epsom Salt’s origins began as one of the first natural spas in the UK, in the early 17th Century. Tradition tells that the water was discovered by Henry Wicker, a farmer who noticed that his cattle would not drink the water, and on tasting it himself noticed the bitter quality unlike ordinary water which is due to the rich mineral content. Epsom soon became renowned as a spa destination and people would flock from all over the country for up to a week at a time to drink the ‘medicinal, healing waters’ from the Epsom well. Although no longer sourced in Epsom due to the wellbeing closed in the early 20th century, Magnesium and Sulfate are found in many natural sources and have since been combined and used widely in healthcare for a wide variety of applications.

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