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Flawless Mini Kabuki Brush

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Clover Product ID: HW1AH985TN70E

This short-handled Flawless Kabuki is a fluffy, flat brush which is a everyday essential for the professional application of makeup. Perfect for foundation, loose and pressed powder. Created with super-soft and luxuriously full synthetic hair, the dense brush offers high coverage and is ideal for on-the-go quick touch-ups.

Product: This product is made with 100% soft synthetic hair and is completely vegan and cruelty-free. The handle is made from bamboo.

To use:

For foundation - Apply a small amount of foundation onto the brush or your completion, then gently blend the product in circular motions for a soft finish. Make sure you also blend the foundation into your neck for a flawless finish.

For Powder - Use the brush to grab a good amount of powder, gently flick the brush to remove excess powder. Follow by sweeping, blending and diffusing the product in circular motions for a soft finish.

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