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Organic Buckwheat unroasted

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Grams per unit: 100g

Despite its name, raw organic buckwheat is not actually wheat at all. It can be enjoyed in place of other grains such rice, couscous or quinoa. And it can also be used as porridge and topped with your favourite sweet and healthy toppings such as fresh or dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

The grain is slightly nutty and compliments both sweet and savoury foods well. It also has no gluten containing ingredients therefore can often be popular with those who avoid gluten in their diet.

Benefits of buckwheat

  • Good source of vegan protein
  • Low in fat
  • Low in sugar
  • Versatile
  • Contains no gluten containing ingredients

How to enjoy organic raw buckwheat

  • Use as a base to add texture and nutrition to salads
  • Enjoy as an accompaniment to curries
  • Try making buckwheat porridge and top with fresh fruits, nuts and seeds
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