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Organic Sunflower Mince

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Clover Product ID: M6P6YTQS268CG
Grams per unit: 100g

A veggie mince that is super easy to use. High in protein and fibre with zero fat. It's meaty and free-from soya and gluten, so a great way to add protein variety to both meat and plant-based diets.

Made from 100% organic sunflower seeds but packs an amazing meaty bite and is super easy to use. Just make your base sauce as you would for chillie, bolognese etc, then add 1/2 cup of water per portion (portion = 15-19g) and cook until re-hydrated. Here at REco we recommend using the Kallo mushroom stock cubes and some Hodmedod's Umami paste to really bring out that rich flavour!

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