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Organic Wholewheat Cous Cous

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Clover Product ID: FR0SEWZQCTZ28
Grams per unit: 100g

Organic wholemeal couscous is made using whole durum wheat semolina. Wholemeal couscous contains the hull so is higher in a range of nutrients than regular couscous but it still cooks into a light fluffy consistency. Wholemeal can also be referred to as ‘wholewheat’ or ‘wholegrain’.

Nutritious and a pantry essential, couscous is simple and easy to cook with! Great for a vegan diet, couscous is a healthy carbohydrate that is a perfect source of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Couscous is a fantastic ingredient that can be used in fresh, herby or spicy salads or as a side to your favourite roasted veggies or stews. All our refill dried food is packaged in recyclable paper bags for sustainable living!

Allergens: Gluten

Ingredients : Durum Whole Wheat Semolina

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