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Straw Cleaning Brush

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From Plasticphobia. Our ‘cleaning brush for all straws’ is perfect for cleaning smoothie straws, bamboo straws, angled steel straws and straight steel straws. This fits all our straws.

You can use this to clean straws with hot water and soap.

The cleaning brush is 1cm in diameter but fits these straws very well. The length of the cleaning brush is 24cm.


It has a steel (18/8 (304)) stem and nylon 6 bristles. The metal is twisted, resulting in the bristles sticking out in all angled. This means the steel straw is cleaned very well. The 304 steel is high quality and resistant to rusting so it will last a long time. You can be assured of high quality.

It may contain plastic (the nylon) but if you regularly use plastic straws then it is worth the switch. A steel straw and cleaning brush could replace many plastic straws.


Made in China under good working conditions

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